The worst

Today, the worst thing happened. One of the racers was hit and killed. I’m still processing it at the moment. I have no idea what happened and am sure more details will be released in time. I wanted to post this now though because I know that people are worrying about me, and hearing that news they will worry more.

We live in a dangerous world, and disaster can strike even for people at home on their own couch. Having said that, I work to minimise my risk. My plan for last night was to ride through, but I changed the plan after deciding that it was not safe. I am actively changing my actions to improve my safety. Things can always go wrong, but I’m working to minimise the chances, so don’t worry. 


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  1. Well, that is terrible news and I really don’t know what to think. I guess you are right, people can die at any time, but as something of a statistician I think in probabilities and you and the remaining riders are putting yourselves right up there. I guess one positive might be that riders and motorists will all be super careful now. Hope the race and the accident gets very wide publicity. Not riding at the most dangerous times and in poor light is very wise, and especially not when you are tired. Remember, the objective is to get there, not to kill yourself for the sake of a few hours (OK, days…but so what).
    On a cheerful note, I see you are in familiar countryside, just south of Heidelberg. Beautiful! RIDE SAFE. x M

  2. Oh no, absolutely tragic news… don’t know what to say other than hoping you and all other riders stay safe.

  3. Oh My. My thought are with his Family.
    But very good words from you. And I think you do i it right. Be safe and still have fun. You do so well.

  4. As we all know, every time we get on our bikes and ride on the road, we are taking some level of risk. We do what we can to minimise that risk (bright clothing, good lights, etc.) and mitigate the potential impact of the risk (good helmet, gloves, etc.). The risk cannot be entirely eliminated, but still we get on our bikes and ride, because we love it! I’m sure you’re doing all those things too — stay safe my friend, look after yourself and enjoy the ride…

    1. Behind me now, he hadn’t got far from Geraardsburgen. Not sure when exactly it happened.

  5. hi rowan,

    i/we think thats a good decision, safety first!
    there is a spanish saying – i translate it: its better to loose a minute of your life than your life in one minute!
    keep on going, we are trackers now, and we have the beer also in berlin when you be on place number 100, ot something like this;
    see you!

    dieter and ute

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