A little better

Well, the day started terribly with problems with my Achilles, but got a little better by the end.

I took some anti-inflammatories and iced it as well as I could, then fiddled with my bike fit enough to get back on the road without feeling like I was actively damaging it. Of course, the changed fit puts more pressure on other areas, so it might not be a good long term solution, but it worked today. Anyway, here’s a video about it: https://youtu.be/nxfNhxjWcuc

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2 Replies to “A little better”

  1. This is yet another challenge for you amongst all of the others – having to decide if you go with the mind, to win the mind over body battle, or retire hurt. Please do not mistake the Voltaren gel as cake icing !

  2. Hey Rowan, you could also try putting your cleats as far back as possible, pushing your foot forward and thus less leverage on your calf/Achilles area.

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