Check Point 1

So I’ve made it to check point 1. I have to be honest, this isn’t going nearly as well as I’d hoped. 

I had some technical issues on Friday night that continued into Saturday morning, but today everything should have been good. And it wasn’t.

Well, the day was pleasant, and I rode through some beautiful places, but nowhere near as quickly as I’d planned. I’m not really sure why – the bike is fine, everything should be fine, it just seems my legs are not participating. 

Anyway, I’ve just enjoyed a good solid German dinner (actually a steak cooked what the Germans call “English” – a description that never fails to confuse me), so time to head out and see if I can knock out a few more km tonight, before a solid sleep in the hope that things will be better tomorrow. 

The next section is one on which I already know I’m going to lose a lot of time, the plan had been to have a lot more up my sleeve though. Oh well, better get to it!