This time it’s REALLY here!

Ok, this time it really is here, and it is a thing of beauty!

Ready to build!

It did need a little bit more work including some pretty sharp customisation around the bottom bracket (the cables are still in there just proving that it does all actually work!) but Luke from Fikas was well up to the job. Unfortunately it arrives at a time when I am flat out doing a whole lot of other things, so I’m going to have to find some time to build it up. I’m sure I’ll fit it in though!

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It’s here! Well, almost…

Someone said to me today that I looked like an expectant father. Apparently I was never more than 30cm from my phone and I checked it compulsively about every 15 minutes. It wasn’t because I was expecting a new child. Continue reading “It’s here! Well, almost…”

When the guy making your frame is an artist, as well as a craftsman!

My head tube under construction at Fikas

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The Perfect

The Perfect

This is the Perfect. It isn’t the bike I’m going to be riding in TCR. It has some similarities though. I should also say that the bloke in that picture is not me. I will however be working to get my facial hair looking like that (ed: my beautiful wheel-building assistant informs me that Continue reading “The Perfect”

It’s on!

The race is on! As you would have read earlier there was some doubt about the race going ahead in an “official” way, following the tragic death of the founder, Mike Hall. There has been a lot of discussion lately among entrants and fans about what will happen if the race was not officially held. My view, and the view of quite a few others, was that Continue reading “It’s on!”

It seems quiet, but…

OK, it looks like everything has gone quiet here. I tell you now that looks are deceiving. Things are actually ramping up quite a lot.

The key point is that I’ve been getting in some good training. You can do all the planning that you want, and turn up with the best selection of gear, but if you can’t pedal the bike Continue reading “It seems quiet, but…”

Ride in Peace

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been watching the IndyPac – The Indian Pacific Wheel Race. Five and a half thousand kilometres from Freemantle to Sydney, following a set course but otherwise pretty similar in concept to the Transcontinental. I have to tell you, it has been scary. Continue reading “Ride in Peace”

Victory Loves Preparation

So I had a pretty hard day last Saturday, starting with racing a tough race (my legs weren’t great and it showed in the results, but I rode an honest race so I am pretty happy about it) and then going on for quite a lot of climbing, which was very, very slow.

On my ride though I met, and then met again, a young bloke new to the area who was looking to get into road racing. He said Continue reading “Victory Loves Preparation”

A Few Key Stats


I got an email the other day asking for some of the more detailed statistics of the ride. Now of course the big problem is that I don’t actually know what they are. For a start, I don’t yet have the exact location of the control points or the required sections. I’m expecting that these will be announced sometime Continue reading “A Few Key Stats”

Waiting around for the weather to change is not a solution

I’ve been reading. Getting inspired. Specifically, I’ve been reading the blogs of Kristoff Allegaert, the guy who won the first edition of the race in 2013, backed up in 2014 to win the second edition, skipped the third edition to win the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme instead, and then came back in 2016 Continue reading “Waiting around for the weather to change is not a solution”