DNF. I hate that term. Especially when it applies to me. But today does. On Saturday I knew I had to scratch but just wanted to reach CP3. I did that, and then couldn’t bring myself to scratch. I was talking to all the other people who had scratched or were thinking of it, and they were saying that they just weren’t enjoying the experience. I was loving it. 
The problem is, the combination of knee and ankle problems is really taking a toll. I can’t push at all without stirring them up. And I just don’t have the time to keep going at this pace or slower. So I’m going to scratch.

I’m going to miss the Transfăgărășan,one of the most spectacular roads in the world. I’ll miss going back to beautiful Bulgaria. And ill miss Meteora, an amazing world heritage site. And of course I will be a DNF in my first ultra-cycling race.

On the plus side, I’ve had an amazing time. I’ve seen wonderful things. I’ve learnt a heap about what to do for next time (and yes, there will definitely be a next time) and I’ve raised nearly $1300 for a very worthwhile charity (there’s still plenty of time to donate if you want to of course). I will write some more later about what I’ve learnt and what is next, but that won’t happen today.

Right now I’m going to take some more anti-inflammatories and then make my way slowly to the nearest train station. Then I’m going to not ride until I feel 100% again, because I want to be able to start proper hard training just as soon as possible!

It’s been a great ride, thanks for coming on it with me.


4 Replies to “DNF”

  1. Hey mate, can’t have been an easy decision to arrive at. Sounds like the right decision though, in the long term your body will thank you for knowing the time was right now rather than putting another 500k’s of damage into it before calling it.

    An amazing ride in an amazing race. You continue to inspire by living out your motto that life should be an adventure.

  2. A real shame you didn’t make it Rowan, but you travelled a long distance and enjoyed yourself, so not a bad outcome all things considered. I know it’s not the outcome you wanted, but well done on achieving something us mere mortals can barely imagine!

  3. A difficult choice, but the right one I think (based on your description of your symptoms & my limited medical knowledge). Well done, for doing what you did & for making the difficult call to not do anymore. GWS & hopefully see you at track from October,, we’ll have quite a bit to chat about – in several parts of your trip we have ridden the same or similar routes

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