A quick one!

My dinner tonight was on the table in, I kid you not, four minutes from when I ordered it. No waiting time means a short post.

The day started late, as I must have somehow turned off my alarm in my sleep. That, combined with a navigational error requiring backtracking, meant I started the climb about 2 hours late, which meant it was hot, which meant that I finished it later still. By the time I hit the top my Garmin was saying 38 degrees. Well worth it though, amazing climb with fantastic views.

Bit slow getting going after that as I tried to fix a technical issue, and then once I got rolling a big storm came through, so I hid that out.

That makes for yet another low distance day, but I’m sure it’ll be ok.

Feeling pretty ok, my knees seem a little larger than usual and the soles of my feet and my toes are feeling the wear. I’m well sick of little flying stinging things, especially wasps, two of whom have flown into my jersey and proceeded to sit there stinging me.

In a hotel now and just washed my kit, so clean(er) clothes tomorrow, yay! Bed time now though, goodnight! 

2 Replies to “A quick one!”

  1. You still made good time across the flat ground.

    And haven’t seen your mate in the white van again either which is good.

  2. good evening sir rowan,

    well i’ve read your posts; seems to be harder than you expected it;
    had you time to make fotos of your detour adventures? hope the problems with wasps, knees, technique do not bother you too much;
    what is you overall aim? to see as much as you can and have fun, or to be at meteora on the 10. of august?
    we are nearly heavy trackers!


    dieter and ute

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