What is this all about?

On July 28th 2017 I will be starting in the PEdAL Ed Transcontinental Race No. 5. It is a single stage bike race from Geraardsburgen in Belgium to Meteora in Greece, via four checkpoints. The route will be something like 3,800km, with around 60,000m of ascent. I’m hoping to finish in something around 12 days – maybe less but it can’t be too much more because I have a wedding to get to pretty soon afterwards! I’ll be taking some pictures as I go, and raising money for beyondblue, a wonderful charity that addresses mental health issues within the community.

You will be able to follow the race live, as everyone competing will be carrying satellite trackers and some will be posting updates via social media or blogs. I will be posting updates via this blog, but not too many, I will also be racing! What will appear here though are details of my preparation and build-up, the kit I will be taking with me and the planning I am doing, plus some pretty pictures!

You might learn some more of my background along the way, but the basics are that I am just a regular Australian bloke. I’m on my early forties, I work full time at a desk job and I try and stay in decent shape around that. I love riding bikes, racing bikes and touring on bikes, so this race sounds like a pretty good thing to me. I’ve spent a bit of time in various parts of Europe so I have an idea of what I will face, but there are still a whole lot of unknowns. It should be a fun journey!

Anyway, I hope you will subscribe, and come along with me for this fantastic adventure!


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