That didn’t last long! 

So the plan was to knock out a solid 100km tonight. The reality was vastly different. I had to start with climbing a hill, and at the bottom I could see black storm clouds. I wasn’t phased until I heard the thunder, when I started to think about how sensible climbing a hill in a lightning storm really is.

I’d just decided that maybe I’d wait, when the huge rain drops started falling. I could see a little roof, so I dashed for it. Turned out to be about 1m by 1m, with only one wall. Still, a lot better than nothing as the rain got heavier. At least my bike and I were sort of dryish. 

30 seconds later along came another racer, and she obviously agreed as she squeezed in. Shortly after that it started to hail, and the road we should have been riding up became a river. Meanwhile, the lightning was everywhere (happily we were still at the bottom of the hill) and suddenly a third rider appeared. We squeezed him in, but only around half of his bike.

When the fourth bloke turned up things were really pretty cramped.

I ended up under there for most of an hour, and when I finally got back on the road I was so jealous to meet the other guys who had been in a bus shelter, just the six of them. If we’d had that much room I would have lain down and had a kip!

Anyway, after the climb I headed on for a little but then decided it was time for a hotel – a decision I am very pleaded with as I lie here listening to more rain and thunder outside. 

But the point is to get some sleep so that’s what I’m going to do.  Goodnight! 

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4 Replies to “That didn’t last long! ”

  1. Funnily enough it is raining here as well. Clearly there is a link and we need the rain so you’re just gunna have to suck it up.

    Also, might be a little close to the lightning if you are getting phased by it.

  2. That’s why I love you so much Rowan – you would never let a 4000km bike race stop you from telling an excellent story. Keep them coming

  3. Hi, Just saw you are near Lindau and headed towards Bergenz…somewhere we’ve been before! Presumably you won’t be following that little cycle track round the lake with all the tourists, though. Hope the weather is better than last time you did it and you’ve enjoyed stunning views of the mountains reflected in the lake. You seem to have made good time this morning, you’ve certainly caught up quite a few places. Look forward to hearing when I check progress tomorrow morning, Oz time. x M

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