It’s on!

The race is on! As you would have read earlier there was some doubt about the race going ahead in an “official” way, following the tragic death of the founder, Mike Hall. There has been a lot of discussion lately among entrants and fans about what will happen if the race was not officially held. My view, and the view of quite a few others, was that we would just race anyway. You don’t need an official to make a race.

Despite that though, I did want the race to be official.

The problem was that all of the people who could have made it official were busy dealing with grief. Obviously I didn’t want to intrude on that, so I was getting ready for the non-official version, but the announcement came out this week – the race is on! It is of course going to be a huge challenge for the organisers now – their time-frames are compressed a lot, and they are still dealing with everything else, but I am confident that they will be able to manage it, and very confident that if they need help with anything there will be plenty of people willing to lend a hand, myself included. So it will be an official race, and I want to say a big thank you to the organisers.

I’ve been pretty busy over the last few weeks in terms of getting things ready, and trying to squeeze in training where I can. It seems like there is an endless stream of things to do, but hopefully it will all work out on the day!

I will post something a lot bigger soon, lots to say and also a lot of people to thank – for a self supported race that hasn’t even started yet I sure am depending on a lot of people.

More about that later though,


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2 Replies to “It’s on!”

  1. Ian Morton (The Bleat) should be made aware of what you are intending and about to Do. I am happy to write a “clubPressRelease”, for you to have a look at before making such request. See next post.

    1. Hey mate, that’s a great idea! I might wait one more month though so that the actual event is only a month out – that’s when things will start getting really exciting!

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